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IP Management
Since its origin, our firm has been a leader in the field of Intellectual Property Law and its Management. All of our Intellectual Property Lawyers now practice in this field. Our resources, coupled with the depth and breadth of our experience in intellectual property across all fields of technology and business, allow us to form integrated teams that flexibly and seamlessly handle any strategic management project and related prosecution, enforcement, and transactional work. Our intellectual property management practice helps our clients increase their shareholder value in many ways: 

Creating new value by formulating strategies to develop products that have strong IP protection and avoid infringement 

Maximizing IP value by aligning our clients’ IP portfolios with their business objectives and strategically coordinating international prosecution and litigation.

Assessing the value and risks associated with IP in various due-diligence contexts including litigation, licensing, acquisitions, and financings. 

Realizing value through enforcement and a variety of business transactions, including portfolio licensing, acquisitions, spinoffs, donations, and collaborative arrangements

Value creation through strategic technology development and strategic branding and by the Intellectual Property.

We create valuable IP by working with a company's business, legal, and technical staffs to formulate a strategy to develop and improve products having a strong IP position while avoiding infringement of other IP. Working as a team with the client, we survey the IP landscape, identify opportunities for IP protection, and analyze whether to license, challenge, or design around the IP of others.

Our firm has extensive resources to support these projects. Many of our lawyers are highly qualified and reach experienced who are professionally skilled and well situated to provide high-level expertise in mapping and searching. We have state-of-the-art computer systems with searchable international databases and proprietary mapping software. We have ready access to PTO facilities. And we have highly qualified individuals recognized as leaders in their field who have held senior positions in government and industry. These resources have allowed us to design and carry out both preliminary and comprehensive value-creation programs for clients in all technical fields.

Value maximization through portfolio alignment and coordination. We help align our clients' IP portfolios with their business objectives by identifying and preserving key assets, and identifying and disposing of marginal assets to generate revenue and reduce administrative costs through licensing, donation, and abandonment. Our experience in coordinating the international prosecution and litigation of IP portfolios and the knowledge we have developed in how best to proceed in multinational matters allow us to maximize the value of those IP portfolios on a global basis.

Value assessment of business opportunities through analysis and counseling. We assess value and provide strategic counseling for IP due-diligence investigations for merger, acquisition, and financing transactions. In doing so, we analyze the IP issues underlying the proposed transaction to provide information significant in deciding whether to go forward or renegotiate various terms and conditions, including financial considerations and warranties. In addition to addressing the special concerns of each transaction, we typically review considerations such as the potential outcome of pending or potential litigation, the assignability of the target company's IP agreements, and the scope and ownership of IP rights including potential unrecorded rights of others that may exist in the target company's IP.

Value transfer through licensing, acquisitions, spinoffs, and collaborative arrangements.

We provide strategic advice on all transactional situations involving IP, helping our clients choose the most appropriate legal framework. Our involvement includes employing our extensive experience in negotiating and drafting a wide variety of agreements and other legal documents, as well as providing counsel on the relevant IP and licensing law. The firm’s longstanding leadership in licensing is demonstrated by our role in the founding of the Licensing Executives Society and the prominent roles that our partners continue to play in that organization.

Value extraction through IP portfolio licensing and enforcement.

We have analyzed the potential for generating royalty income from our clients' existing IP rights, and have formulated and carried out licensing programs that have generated large revenue streams. We have helped companies organize and transfer various IP assets to IP management companies that serve as a separate business and profit center. When enforcement is needed, our firm has gone to court for its clients as a recognized leader in IP litigation of all types, including trial and appellate proceedings, as well as arbitration, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and specialized procedures in the PTO and ITC. 

We have over 10 years of experienced Lawyers and Patent and Trademarks Agents/Attorneys and a dedicated focus on intellectual property management, 

Our firm is well positioned to provide a full range of IP management services.

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